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You're probably here because you've heard of this magical liquid called Sea Glow. Well, Sea Glow is a product developed by Island Girl. Sea Glow is actually part of a cleaning system used on boats. Yes, boats! Not sneakers. I don't quite know the exact details on how Sea Glow was discovered as a viable restoration product for clear soles (icey soles), but it's been a few years now. I'll cover some of the basic misconceptions of the product, how it works, and the procedures.

Yes, absolutely. There is a reason why so many sneaker enthusiast talk about Sea Glow. It actually works. I always find it funny when individuals make videos about Sea Glow and test it as if saying, "Hey guys, it works." Duh! We already knew that. The real question is, how do you use it.
Sea Glow has anti-oxidant properties that when applied, and given a UV source like the sun, we'll enable the product to remove the yellowing found on many Air Jordan sneakers with clear soles. There is a much more complicated reason behind this, but just understand this:
Sea Glow + UV (like Sun) + Time = Removes Yellowing
The problem with Sea Glow, is that there is no single conclusive answer on how to use the product. Fortunately, we've worked with the product and process enough to show you how to do it.
  1. Buy a legitimate bottle of Sea Glow. 
  2. Make sure you have available sunlight in the area you live. Otherwise, you will need to use an indoor technique.
  3. If working on Air Jordan 11's, make sure to create a paper cutout that covers the traction pods.
  4. Apply sea glow using a cotton ball. You don't need a lot. Make sure to cover the whole surface of the clear sole.
  5. Prop the shoe, with the sole exposed to the sun. 
  6. Do sessions anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours. The length of the session depends on the temperature. 
  7. Reapply if product drys.
  8. Repeat
  9. Once done, wash the sole of the shoe carefully.
Sounds easy so far? If this is your first time doing this, using Sea Glow can be challenging. Here are some things to be aware of.
  • LOSING TRACTION If you use the Sea Glow Process, you will lose traction on the soles.  The reason the soles lose traction is not because of the product, but rather because of the heat from the sunlight. Areas that are exposed will lose traction.
  • SOLE SEPARATION If temperatures are high enough, you will experience sole separation on your shoes. Usually temperatures 90 degrees and above will be enough to cause sole and midsole separation. 
  • MATERIAL DEGRADATION Leaving the whole shoe exposed to sun will cause UV damage. You know what happens to stuff that gets left outside and is exposed to sunlight, they degrade. It starts to fade, yellow, and break apart. UV, if you don't know by now, will also cause patent leather to yellow. So make sure to cover the other parts of the shoe.

TrueSole Restoration Sauce

Quality and speed of results depend on how bad the yellowing was to begin with. New, lightly yellowed sneakers will lighten up in one session. Older, amber yellow sneakers will take a number of days to un-yellow.
Sea Glow isn't for everybody. As a result, we have created an alternative for many beginners. 
  • True Sole Restoration Sauce The video to the right shows you how to use the product. It's not only great on clear soles, but it works on yellowed rubber midsoles and soles.
  • Pay someone to restore it



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