Custom Sole Protector™

Custom Sole Protector™

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Custom Sole Protector™ come in two sizes
  • Adult (13.5”x 5.5”) or
  • Grade School (9”x 4”)  

Simply trace the bottoms and cut out, or apply to entire sole and trim to fit!

The Custom Sole Protector™ works for Size 14 and below...If you wear shoe size 15+, please click here to go to the Custom Sole Protector Plus+™ for size 15+.

If ordering for a Yeezy Boost due to the large sole the Custom Sole Protector will only fit up to a size 12. 

    • Try "Sole Protector Plus+™" If you are looking for good grip and extra durability.
    • Try “Regular Sole Protector™” If you are looking for clear protection and great value. Requires a Heat gun
    • Both are sold in pairs and are good for 30+ wears with Sole Protector Plus™ easily lasting 2x longer than Regular Sole Protector™.

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