California, USA – June 15, 2016 – NerdStar’sDabsterWax Vaporizer Pen and its matching Kits is guaranteed to give you the ultimate dabbing experience you’ll never forget.

The completely affordable, sophisticated and sleek NerdStar’sDabsterWax Vaporizer Pen was deliberately designed having the regular everyday consumer in mind. For people that needs a ride into Dab City, whether to meditate, relax or just to have a good time, Dabster Wax Vaporizer Pen promises to offer a smooth ride. It comes with three coils replacement for everyone, whether from a first time to pro Vaper, the functionality of this pen is amazing and straightforward, therefore considered an overall go-to choice for dabbing anytime and anywhere.

NerdStar’sDabster Wax Vaporizer Pen is for the Vaper enthusiasts that dreams big. It houses a large button-less temp control (350° 390° or 430°), 1500mAhLi-Ion Battery for longer usage times and bigger rips. A glass mouthpiece, and anadjustable airflow control that makes for a perfect draw. It includes a Dual Quartz Rod Atomizer and a Ceramic Disk Atomizer. Other kits included in the package are; a Stainless Steel Dab Tool, USB Charger, Packing Tool, User Manual andLifetime Warranty for ultimate customer satisfaction.

NerdStar’sDabster Wax Vaporizer Kit features both visual and discrete chambers in sleek and contemporaryBlack Chrome and Stainless Steel Color. It also contains Single Ceramic, slow-burning, Titanium-wrapped Coils. Other features of the kit includes, Food-grade Glass Mouthpiece, three replacement Coils, Touch Switch Function, Adjustable Voltage (3.2 – 3.7 – 4.2V) and weighs 220g.

Although every customer has a precise need or preference when they need to buy a dab pen, but the Dabster Wax Vaporizer pen works perfectly for all customers. Therefore, guaranteeing a win-win user experience for everybody with this pen.

One of the happy clients had this to say about the product, “I just got the silver NerdstarDabster Vaporizer with Dual Quartz Rod Atomizer and was very thrilled and satisfied to say that the product is designed to topmost quality and gives the full flavors of the exotic experience rather than a less satisfying one from other competitors. I strongly recommend this product to the fullest.”

Another client also said, “I used to have a coils product that goes out after 3 days. I wasn’t so pleased until I foundNerdStar’sDabster Wax Vaporizer Pen at a local smoke shop. I’m appreciative because I find this works great easy to load and has a large capacity, so I just ordered another one online as a backup, in case I lose this one. I highly recommend to other users.”

NerdStar’sDabsterWax Vaporizer Pen is really very easy to use. And its battery has a very long-lasting lifespan to give over 400 draws after every charge depending on the level of usage and length of draws. Whether long or short draws; the assured of getting an overall purer taste and the best user experience.

Excluding the awesome kits and features of NerdStar’sDabsterWax Vaporizer Pen and its customer-minded designs with high class materials, the product also comes at an unbelievable price of only to purchase and have an out of this world experience.

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