NerdStar Dabmaster (Dry Herb & Wax Herb) H-ENAIL Portable Rig 16'

NerdStar Dabmaster (Dry Herb & Wax Herb) H-ENAIL Portable Rig 16'



These are brand new and IN STOCK in Wisconsin, USA.  


We ship same or next business day USPS Priority Mail with insurance and tracking!

This kit includes:

  • 2X  with 1100mAh Li-Ion battery
  • 2X glass pipe
  • 2X protective cap
  • 1 porous ceramic
  • titanium chamber
  • 1X magnetic stand with serial number        
  • 1X magnetic cap & tool            
  • 1X  charger    
  • 1X 7ml silicone jar
  • 1X user manual
  • 1X  hard case
  • 90 day  warranty 
  • full factory warranty

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  • Belinda Saldivar

    I have purchased the NerdStar smart boost henail erig package,Jet Pack, a Quartz nail and a Twisty Glass Blount. I had a malfunctioning henail and was sent a new one right away with day to day communication on messenger. I was very impressed with their importance of product satisfaction! I have had bad experience with another company won’t mention names…. rhyms with Gassycity! Whom I don’t do business with anymore. I was very happy and satisfied with NerdStar and LOVE my products! Thank you NerdStar!

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